Toyota Safety Ads

We all know that Toyota in the passed year has had many issues with the safety of their vehicles.  I came across the following advertisement (among others) that they now have playing to help get back consumer confidence in their vehicles.

If you would like to see a full version of the advertisement, visit

It’s great to see the use of technical illustrations in any media form and for large corporations as it brings exposure to our specialized art form.  BUT, does the use of the exploded views in this advertisement work?

I think not.  There are so many other ways that I could think of to utilize a tech illustration to show how Toyota has improved their vehicles to ensure safety.  Perhaps showing the specific mechanical technologies (ie. braking system) that have been improved and how they affect vehicle performance when stopping.

In the longer version of the ad they address the 5 accident avoidance technologies with an exploded view of each (ie. anti-lock brake system). Unfortunately, I find the use of the technical illustrations in this advertisement reflect a more “wallpaper” effect than being useful in supporting Toyota’s case for change in safety measures.

What do you think?  Do you have other ideas of how Toyota could win back consumer confidence by using technical illustrations?

2 thoughts on “Toyota Safety Ads

  1. Great find, Leanne.

    I have to agree that the use of the aesthetic is superficial. It’s unfortunate these ads are more about emotional reconciliation than showing anything specific they’ve done to improve the product or their design process…

  2. says

    I like the advert, but I can understand why the technical illustrations can be seen as being there for ‘ambience’ rather than specific interest. I suppose that a comparison with development of past safety systems in this style could perhaps be a more improved approach for this campaign.

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