Great Inspiration

Every week I get an email update from The Little Chimp Society, an illustration news website where members can log on and post tidbits about exciting projects they have been working on.

Typically the work is more editorial/fine arts in style, but today I was inspired by a great magazine cover that delves into the realm of technical illustration.

Guitar Aficianado Cover

Guitar Aficionado Cover

MDI Digital has created this cover for Guitar Aficionado magazine.  This piece has been selected as a finalist in the American Society of Magazine Editors Best Cover of the Year Awards as well.

Cudos to those over at MDI Digital who worked on this amazing cover!  If you want to see more work created by this company, check out MDI Digital‘s website.

Home Appliance Energy Use – Infographics

GE: Home Appliance Energy Use

GE: Home Appliance Energy Use

General Electric has posted an interesting infographic that illustrates how much energy certain home appliances use. Leafing through the interactive site yields all sorts of information that the typical consumer may be unaware of.

It’s a good example of an infographic that cleanly communicates a complex and obscure issue – in fact, it’s so simple that I found myself mystified as to why I hadn’t seen something like it sooner. Enigmatic concepts like kilowatt hours can be hard to describe, but putting them into a real world context can firmly solidify their meaning in the audience’s mind.

What might be the most interesting bit of information is that a coffee maker requires roughly an equal amount of energy as a new washing machine…

You can check it out on GE’s site here.

Let’s see those workspaces

I love to see where people work, what kind of equipment they are using, desk, chairs, how you set up your space etc.

Here’s where I work at home. I’m really pleased with the desk. My brother in-law bought an antique mahagony trunk for 20 bucks and we chopped it up and turned it into a desk. I’m still surprised how well that turned out.


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Sonic – more than just tots

We very rarely ever pick up fast food but once in a while I’ll get a craving for tots that cannot be resisted. So our last trip I was very pleased to find in my sons WACKY PACK this handy little science slider that explains how things work, with TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATIONS even!!

Update: Ed Schlittenhardt, associate art director at C3, got in touch to take much deserved credit for the artwork above. Great work, Ed!