The Complete Technical Illustrator

The Complete Technical Illustrator

Les writes in to suggest The Complete Technical Illustrator by Jon Duff and Greg Maxson.

It covers detailed step-by-step information on how to go about creating technical illustrations in Adobe Illustrator […] using standard isometric, dimetric, trimetric, and perspective views, using step-by-step details about how to setup the view and how to create and position ellipses and other object correctly based on the view. The book covers how to create correct and compelling line illustrations, and later, how to apply color and shading for realistic looks. The book also covers illustration techniques using 3ds Max and AutoCAD, but most of the book is focuses on Adobe Illustrator.

Have a favourite book on technical illustration? Suggest it for posting!

12 thoughts on “The Complete Technical Illustrator

  1. Joe says

    Yes, I ordered this book on Amazon (UK) as it looked really informative. It wasn’t cheap. Amazon said it would be slow delivery but I waited about six months and then gave up. Maybe I’ll try again. The US seem to have published more of this type of book.

  2. Joe and others,
    Thanks for your interest in CTI. Currently, the book is out-of-print, thus can be hard to find.
    We will be working with the publisher to release the material and if this happens, we envision releasing a PDF version of CTI at a more economical cost. Stay tuned…


  3. Daryl says

    I’ve been looking everywhere for this book and no one has it. Any update on the PDF version? Maybe someplace where I can find this book for less than $275?

  4. naresh says

    @ghost : Thank you for your updated information, but i still cant find the pdf version, give the link if you can !!

  5. Hello Everyone,

    Just a quick note regarding a (legal) PDF version of CTI. I’ve been communicating with the publisher just recently about the current position of CTI in the market, and have inquired about getting the publisher to release the rights to the material back to us (the authors). CTI is more active right now in the international markets than in the U.S. market.
    According to the publisher, the process of the review of the book’s overall activity and the rights release can take several weeks to complete.

    There are some sites that have made available for free one or two chapters as a PDF. And I’m certain that there are bittorrent sites that have ripped off the entire book and have made a PDF available.

    As the author(s), we would much prefer interested professionals purchase a legit PDF version of CTI at a nominal cost when it becomes available.

    Again, stay tuned and know that we are working on it.


  6. Hello again,

    Just a quick update on the status of future availability of our book, The Complete Technical Illustrator.
    The rights to the materials have just recently been released back to the authors, to do with what we wish. That is good news.
    My question to those of you who have expressed an interest in an electronic version: What type of electronic delivery would people deem most accessible and functional? An e-book, PDF,, etc.?
    Post your feedback here or send an e-mail to


  7. Hello Everyone,

    Starting today, The Complete Technical Illustrator is now available as a PDF download via my Kagi store.

    Here is a direct link to the order page:

    Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest in an electronic version of CTI. We hope that CTI continues to be a valuable resource for new and veteran illustrators.


  8. Matt Lorenzi says

    Hi Greg,

    Looking at purchasing the PDF version. I am wondering whether the book could help me with the following; I’m working on an illustration where I’m building upon a 3D extrusion in Illustrator. I’ve added XYZ rotation, but would like to calculate what my shear, scale, rotate angles for the “face” of my object based on my XYZ angles. I’ve started a thread on the subject here:

    From reading a synopsis on the book I believe there may be a tool for helping with these calculations.

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