So I’m still rockin this old Wacom Intuos 2 6×8 Platinum, it’s still a nice tablet but I’m considering the upgrade. The thing I don’t like is that there are no interchangable nibs which give you different feels. It’s very plasticy feeling. I like the Intuos 3 with the graphite tips. Maybe I should take sand paper to the nib or something? Do you guys mod your pens at all?


INTUOS 4 – Worth the loot?


Anyway, who’s using this shiny new Intuos 4? How do you like it? It seems like they keep getting more expensive, is it worth it? What size would you get to go with a 24″ Imac?

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  1. Intuos2 and eying the new ones here too. I like that they can be used wirelessly, though according to this review, precision drops when you unplug the USB (Can anyone confirm/deny?). I also like that its proportions are 16:9 to match modern displays – though I haven’t really noticed mapping problems on my 4:3 Intuos2.

  2. Just an update — I took a Cintiq 21UX for a spin and I think I’m sold. My worry about the Cintiqs was that your hand would block the part of the image you’re actually trying to work on, but I didn’t find that to be the case.

    Try to find a place to give it a test drive.

  3. clint says

    I use the Cintiq at work. For drawing, it’s amazing, especially in Photoshop. I like it in illustrator as well. As a main monitor I’m not crazy about it. I like my 24″ imac better. I say if you are even drawing 50% of the time you need the Cintiq, it will speed up your work. I’ve been doing a lot of graphic design at work and for that I would prefer a larger wide screen monitor.

  4. Another Intuos2 6×8 user here. What I tend to do is tape a sheet of standard 80gsm copier paper over the plastic drawing surface. The pen still works fine through the paper and you get some tactile feedback – rather than slipping about on the plastic.

    Give it a try.

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