Critique Request!

Steven Howards writes in….

This is my portfolio link,

I’ve been studying illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and have only recently developed a desire to pursue technical illustration. I know there is much that I need to do and work on, but any comments, critiques, and help is very much appreciated!

Here’s my critique, you do very nice work, keep drawing your butt off. If a chump like me can make it as a Technical Illustrator you surely can. One suggestion, get yourself a real website with a quality domain name, not that blogspot business. If you want to go the free route here are some suggestions.

Thanks for sending that in.

Any advice for Steven?

4 thoughts on “Critique Request!

  1. says

    Great stuff! It seems to me with your talent and direction you may want to check out the video game world. Most my my buddies from art school went that direction and are doing very well and have huge staffs of artists making great money.

  2. Great work – I second what’s been said:

    A blog is great for showing your process and making a connection with prospects, but you really need a portfolio site to show off your finished pieces. Check out these free portfolio sites to get some ideas.

    As Jim said, your work seems perfect for the entertainment industry. is a lively community for, well, concept art and you’d probably find great resources there too!

  3. Steven W. Howard says

    Thanks for the comments! Any more will always help. This is my last semester at AAU and I will be creating a website as I build up my portfolio with better and more suited work for the technical illustration field with a possible link to what I can do for concept art.

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