Illustration Challenge

Most of the stuff I do involves having to make illustrations for instructions that speak clearly and can have no text at all. The obvious reason for this are so that there will be no need for translations into multiple languages. One thing I come across all the time is the need for an icon or symbol that describes something making a sound or a click. I’ve tried a variety of things from an ear to a speaker to some silly lines indicating a noise. I would rather not go so far as to add music notes. What do you think would be a good icon or symbol to use? Draw one up if you would like, it might be fun.


3 thoughts on “Illustration Challenge

  1. Here are my ideas. I keep going back to the three lines, to me that just feels like “CLICK!”

    Ikea just puts it in English:

    In comics, onomatopoeia takes on a graphic effect that helps emphasize the sound/sensation:

    Here’s what that treatment looks like in Japanese. I couldn’t tell you what the characters mean, but I know which one I’d choose for ‘CLICK!”

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