Step-by-Step Isometric Aircraft

Ninian Carter - Isometric Aircraft

Award-winning editorial and news graphics artist Ninian Carter shares his processes for producing a complex isometric illustration of a water-bomber aircraft in Adobe Illustrator. Ninian also generously makes his Illustrator file available for download at the bottom of the page so you can open it up and explore.

By no means is this a do-as-I-do tutorial, but it looks like he uses a scale-shear-rotate method similar to Cody Walker’s Advanced Isometric Tutorial.

5 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Isometric Aircraft

  1. @Bruce I didn’t question it until you did but upon measuring they’re equal.

    That raises an interesting question: When (if ever) do you visually adjust a measured drawing to compensate for a visual artifact?

  2. Late comment, but given this is an isometric projection, shouldn’t all things be equal? Would adjusting a wing, or anything else not introduce perspective? I guess the visual diseption is enhanced because of the detail and shading added to this illustration. Usually isometrics aren’t given this treatment.

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