SubScribe Illustrator Plugin

Astute Graphics has done it again. In what seems like a quest to put all of Adobe Illustrator’s native tools to shame, they’ve released a new plugin suite called SubScribe. Included are tools for drawing circles based on 2 or 3 points, connecting and straightening lines, drawing arcs, rotating and orienting artwork and drawing tangents and perpendicular paths (as shown in the video above).

Time to reassign some hotkeys.

SubScribe is free to all Astute Graphics customers.

6 thoughts on “SubScribe Illustrator Plugin

  1. This looks good – but never trust a demo :)

    In the video he places his initial tangent point pretty much bang on the required location. I’d like to see how it handles the situation where the first and/or second points are not positioned so accurately. I assume both points must move to their correct locations when the second point is ‘placed’. Can you comment on this, James?

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