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Corvette Cutaway Illustration by David Kimble

Corvette Cutaway Illustration by David Kimble © Copyright General Motors

Davvi wrote in to tell me about this somewhat hidden collection of technical illustrations and photography of the Chevy Volt. Very cool stuff, hopefully that link doesn’t disappear!

From there I found my way to GM’s excellent media portal which provides official content and high resolution images for news and editorial outlets. Digging around in the photo section yielded some awesome finds like the huge David Kimble airbrushed cutaway illustration above. Try searching for illustration, cutaway, and rendering, you’ll love what you find!

Know of any other manufacturers with public media portals? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “General Motors Media Portal

  1. This is great technical illustration with the right color combination for a sports car. I often see the black and white. Your technical illustration is a welcome site.

  2. Sergio says

    Hello good morning I’m writing from Colombia, I am interested in a picture of a tractor-trailer with a schematic or parts thereof where competitive all its parts, I wonder if there is the possibility of having an image and could cost as thanks! !

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