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Matthew Jennings wrote in to let us know about his illustration libraries. For £10-15 (USD $16-25) you get a set of fasteners, power connectors, or computer/AV connectors, all in vector format ready to use in illustrations, instruction manuals or parts diagrams. The illustrations show a nice attention to detail and line weight.

Kevin Hulsey offers a similar fastener library (USD $50), with a smaller selection of parts but a greater variety of angles.

Scoop all these up and you’ll never have to fuss with drawing a connector again!

Update: Matthew has added two new libraries. The Fixings library (£15.00) is a collection of 23 common fixings in varying degrees of rotation, and comes complete with placement guides for precise positioning. The Measuring and Marking library (£7.50) contains a variety of measurement tools. Get them here.

Industrial Artworks Fixings Library Industrial Artworks Measurement & Marking Library

4 thoughts on “Connector & Fastener Libraries

  1. Paul Hill says

    Refreshing to see some nice technical lineart and beautifully presented. I couldn’t agree more with Matthew Jennings’ website that illustrations are increasingly being created by authors.

  2. This fastener library is very helpful and it’s definitely easy to choose available products and searching certain products that suitable with my criteria. By the way, how much does it cost in USD and if I buy the new two libraries after I bought the first library, will I get discount? Can I buy trough Paypal?

  3. Hi Victoria

    Thanks for the comment on the fasteners. £15 is about $24, which is not a lot when you consider how many items there are. In my experience particularly with the small frequently used things its money well spent – we all have grand ideas on creating a great resource that we can use but never get round to it. As for discount, Im afraid I don’t do that, however if I ammend these libraries (people ask for additions from time to time) then everyone who bought the library that was ammended will get a free update link to the latest file. I hope that answers your questions, if you have any more questions or tech ill related queries I am more than happy to answer. Always happy to keep in touch and arise on Technical Illustration matters – its an unappreciated art/skill and it really shouldn’t be.

    Also nearly forgot, the Buy button will take you to a Paypal page where you can pay with Paypal or credit card. You will then receive an email link to the file which can be downloaded 5 times. If I upload a new file the file download count resets to 5.


    Matthew Jennings

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