6 thoughts on “David Kimble in Doc on Marfa, TX

  1. Jim says

    This is great to see Kimble in Texas. Back in the day I went to his studio in Glendale, CA to meet him and discuss possible work. When I walked in it was more of a warehouse than a studio with expensive motorcycles scattered among stacks of papers and antiques shoulder high. I found his desk at the back carved out in a space large enough just for him to work. He was pretty critical of my work giving me a verbal engineering test on the spot. I didn’t do so well I fear. He rolled up a Corvette poster and said to come back when I learned a thing or two. A totally great experience!

  2. alan says

    Or if Escape from Illustration Island or one of the other illustration podcasts that exist now would interview a technical illustrator for once that would be great.

    Actually, I’ve been thinking a podcaster should interview James, Clint, etc. contributors about creating this site as well as about technical illustration.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. John K says

    trying to reach david kimble. I have a piece of his work that got water damage and I can find anywhere online. thanks for anyhelp you can provide.


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