7 thoughts on “David Kimble in Doc on Marfa, TX

  1. Jim says

    This is great to see Kimble in Texas. Back in the day I went to his studio in Glendale, CA to meet him and discuss possible work. When I walked in it was more of a warehouse than a studio with expensive motorcycles scattered among stacks of papers and antiques shoulder high. I found his desk at the back carved out in a space large enough just for him to work. He was pretty critical of my work giving me a verbal engineering test on the spot. I didn’t do so well I fear. He rolled up a Corvette poster and said to come back when I learned a thing or two. A totally great experience!

  2. alan says

    Or if Escape from Illustration Island or one of the other illustration podcasts that exist now would interview a technical illustrator for once that would be great.

    Actually, I’ve been thinking a podcaster should interview James, Clint, etc. contributors about creating this site as well as about technical illustration.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. John K says

    trying to reach david kimble. I have a piece of his work that got water damage and I can find anywhere online. thanks for anyhelp you can provide.


  4. Dan Crowley says

    I just had the chance to meet Dave Kimble at his home in Marfa. As a car enthusiast and engineer, I can say that this was the highlight of my vacation. Dave continues to work on both paid and personal illustrations, although he admitted he preferred more of the latter at this point. His collection of antique fire helmets was impressive as well. He has another book coming out soon, I recommend his Cutaways book if you have not seen it. His work in industrial equipment art is equally fasinating. A really interested person who knows all the who’s-who in the auto industry. Dan C.

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